Shrunken Alexa

The mini Alexa cross bag from Mulberry is here! I'm NOT a huge fan of the Alexa bag, I'm only excited about this bag because of its gorgeous shade of green, the fact that it comes in a miniature size, and the fact that it's light in weight and easy to carry. And the more I stare at it, the more I'm turned off by how... what's the right word... untidy? it looks. Anyhow, If you're interested, it comes in caramel/orange-ish shade too. Price tag? Around KD 246. Oh! Mulberry's boutique has also received a couple of bags from the Polly Push Lock line. Now these bags I find nicer than the Alexa line, and lighter to carry too. 

Mulberry boutique is located in the Avenues Phase II opposite to Jimmy Choo.

Below is an image of the Alexa in it's regular size shown on the boutique's beautiful window display.


Now or Never said…
the color of this bag soooo nice
Confashion said…
Now or Never
I know! I was thiiiiis close to buy the bag but changed my mind as I mentioned the reasons why in my post :)