Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pretty Prints

When I go shopping at the Avenues, I usually cover most high street stores in Phase I (or as I like to call them the Usual Suspects), and I keep forgetting that we actually do have a Warehouse branch in Kuwait INSIDE of Debenhams. I remember Warehouse's first store in Souk Sharg several years back. It was one of my favorite spots to shop for trends for less, and I was so bummed when it shut down. Recently a sales lady mentioned Warehouse to me and it hit me that there is a special corner for Warehouse at Debenhams! So I went there to check it out.  The selection is somewhat similar to Miss Selfridge, and I did find a couple of pieces covered in pretty prints. Check them out!

This print reminded me Parisian brand Leonard
The below print was on a pair of wide leg pants. Nice!


Ansam said...

I'm more of a plain person! I dont like prints much most of the time!!! I prefer plain or color blocks... Some people call me boring LOL

Ansam said...

I dunno what happened to my comment! I think it got published before I finished it :P

LadyB said...

I loved the first top, I go around debenhams for warehouse and butterfuly by matthew williamson some great finds you can stumple upon every now and then ;)

Confashion said...

You gotta take a walk in the wild side sometimes :P and tryig mixing and un-matching prints in the same shades of color :) Or maybe start with a printed scarf :)

You're right, I'll start doing that more often :)

Sn3a said...

i love debenhams bcuz of warehouse

Confashion said...

I should remember to shop there more often :)

Anonymous said...

:) Warehouse does have alot of trendy pieces,should check it out kmore often - I always drop in when im at the Avenues.

Confashion said...

For some reason I feel their selection is limited in Kuwait... :\ however, I will drop by every now and then for sure!

Anonymous said...

Its quite a small store in Kuwait, they have more of a range in UAE.


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