Louboutin Opens in Dubai Mall

Planning to spend your Eid in Dubai? You might want to check out Christian Louboutin's brand new boutique at Dubai Mall's Fashion Avenue. The boutique's interior features stand out details such as the collage of ceramic tiles embossed with letters and symbols of more than 32 world languages (shown in the first photo). Can't wait to see how Kuwait's boutique would look like! It's supposed to open by the end of the year.


NewQ8 Bride said…
:) a7eb Louboutin boutiques arta7 nafseyan lama adkhal
Anonymous said…
A7b Loubies <3
Confashion said…
NewQ8 Bride
hahahaha nice expression! Ana a7atti when I shop there! Killa a7iss ma alga maqassi :P

They love u too ;P