Just Like Celine?

I spotted these printed pants and top at H&M the other day (which desperately need to be ironed!) and they instantly reminded me of Celine's runway looks from the brand's Spring 2011 collection. The top was priced at KD 9.900. I can't remember how much the price for the pants were. But I'm pretty sure they won't break the bank!

*Runway photos from Style.com


LadyB said…
I tried the pants on like 2 weeks ago, but being un ironed just putted me off and decided not to get em !
Anonymous said…
h&m's clothes are always a mess! always un-ironed which really puts people off from buying their stuff.
lamia said…
Definitely Céline Look alike !!
Messy !!
Confashion said…
LadyB and Anonymous
I think the fact that they get a huge stock on a weekly basis and the fact that some of it gets sold out within a day or two, does not encourage them to iron each and every piece... :\

Yup :) but Céline... sigh... ain't nothing like the real thing baby ;)
Anonymous said…
I agree with LadyB & Anonymous, H&M's clothes are always un ironed and stacked .. may5aloun elwa7id yishtehe eshouf !

+ H&M o Zara 9ar kila ekonoun mqalden shay, sawa2 hdoum aw jna6 aw 7ata jwati ..
Confashion said…
You're absolutely right... :\