In the News: Al Ostoura to Launch Online Shopping Site in Arabic this Saturday

Mark your calendars ladies and shopaholics, I have just been informed by Al Ostoura rep, one of Kuwait’s luxury fashion retailers, that they will be launching its online shopping site, where you can shop top designers online and in Arabic! When? This Saturday August 20th.

The online store will offer an extensive selection of the leading fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen, Etro, Emilio Pucci, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli and many more.  It will also allow shoppers to browse women, men and kids fashion and share their online “Dressing Room” wish list with their friends and family. Moreover, the website will be updated with fashion news, hottest trends, and latest arrivals via the weekly online newsletter as well as daily updates posted on the group’s Facebook fan page.  Complimentary delivery service will be offered inside Kuwait providing local shoppers with the opportunity of wearing what they bought between one to two days. Can't wait to see the site's navigation and the selection of clothes and accessories offered online. 


Mademoiselle said…
exciting news! can't we just fast-forward till saturday?
Glitzy Glamo said…
Well, that's just fabulous! Can't wait!
Lebanon Cat said…
kterrrrrr 7elow
fashionista بما انك الـ
تبعتا و رأيك بيهمنا
عندي سؤال وين ممكن لاقي العمامة البناتية الي درجت بين العشرينات و الاربعينات و رجعت درجت عن جديد
بليز شيكي عهل الرابط لحتى تعرفي عن أي نوع من العمامات عم احكي
و شكرا لتعبك معنا
بس بليز انتبهي عكل الصور
Confashion said…
lol! Did you manage to snap up anything?

Glitzy Glamo
More options for us shopaholics! :)

Lebanon Cat
Unfortunately, the link did not open.. I think it's broken or sth :\
Mademoiselle said…
I was about to snap more than what I intended to.. then I realized the prices are shown in USD, Euro or GBP!
I didn't feel like converting everything.. blame it on fasting.. x)