Hunting for Designer Trends

Popping in to Villa Moda Shuwaikh every now and then has become a habit of mine. So I went there the other day and honestly it is so much fun to shop the Villa Moda outlet these days because you get to find designer deals minus the utter chaos and excruciating long cashier lines which we used to go through back in the golden years of Villa Moda

This is an ideal time to stock up on Fall/winterish discounted designer clothing to get you through the new season. And while I was sorting through the women's selections, I spotted so many pieces that are hot-on-trend with the season's biggest fashion trends. On my way to the fitting room, I found myself carrying over 15 pieces in hand (no I didn't buy them all!), and a pair of purple colored denim just screamed at me, and for around KD 30 I couldn't resist. One thing you can always say about this outlet is that it has quite the stock. Check out some of my finds...

Retro/60's trend? Check. Polka dots? Check. This Marni jacket has two trend! Was KD 237 and now it's priced at KD 59.250.

Hot pink is a huuuge color for the season AND resort! This Lanvin skirt was priced at KD 384 and now it's only KD 96.
I fell in love with this black and white lace evening top by Rachel Roy. The top is fitted on the.. er top, and has a beautiful flared like bottom, more like an A-line top. Just pair it with a slim-fitting satin pants and you're ready to party. Was KD 391 and now it's priced at KD 97.750.
Check our the detail on the back of the top
The most beautiful pleated maxi skirt I have ever seen so far. You can always count on Dries Van Noten for timeless and unique style. Was? KD 560 and now it's priced at KD 140.
My purple denim which I'll be wearing when the weather gets colder. 


mimi said…
Is this Villa Moda outlet actually IN Villa Moda ?
last time i went it was half dark and empty :/
Anonymous said…
I thought Villa Moda shut down before the summer! Which season collections do they have nowadays?
Anonymous said…
Do u know their working hours in ramadan!?
Anonymous said…
I think they should start calling it Villa Moda vintage store honestly!
Confashion said…
I called it Villa Moda's outlet because that's what it is now. It is the same huge Villa Moda Building in Shuwaikh's free trade zone :) It's always empty..

I couldn't agree more!
Natalia Q8 said…
I have this pants in pink. I love them and got them realy cheap in Villa moda a couple of months ago due to you suggestion. And now you have them. Uauuuuuu I am so trendy now. Thanks
Confashion said…
Natalia Q8
Great fashionistas think alike ;)