Feathers and Leathers

It seems I'm on a roll! Posting about statement necklaces! And here's another post I'm sure you'll like as well. If the name Maryam Keyhani sounds familiar? You have probably read her profile on The Coverteur. The talented Canadian designer has recently debuted her new collection of light-weight neck-pieces. To describe them as "statement" pieces would be an under statement, no pun intended. These are really a stunning and modern collection of dainty yet opulent necklaces and I especially love the organic element of the pieces by incorporating feathers and leather to the designs.

And you know what's exciting? These gorgeous necklaces can be found in K-town! Yup, you can purchase Maryam Keyhani's collection at B Villa, located at Al Bidde behind Al Zumurruda Hall, Villa #7.


shu84 said…
lovely necklaces:)

Summer said…
Looks amazing!! Love!!
Confashion said…
very :)

Me too! It's hard to decide which one I like the most!