Event: A visit to Hurrem Sultan

FA Gallery have sent me an invitation to attend the launch of their latest exhibition titled Hurrem Sultan, paying tribute to Hurrem Sultan, the renowned Queen of the Ottoman Empire who has embodied the image of empowering women for many centuries. But because I have a really bad memory, the event completely slipped my mind. Luckily, Me Blogging posted about it and I added "Go to FA Gallery TODAY!" to my never ending to-do list.

The exhibition features exquisite items by leading creative Turkish designers and artists in the fields of fashion, accessories, and furniture. I must say that the moment I saw the below featured tables, designed by Engin Ozmen, I was hooked! It's a beautiful piece of art! Scroll down to see what else was on display. The exhibition is on till Thursday 5th October.

I think the table was priced at KD 750.

ANother set of tables that I liked by furniture designer Gazme Iscan
Some statement accessories

Some statement rings, the kind that does not require a lot of... hand gestures!
Loved these colorful custom jewels
Something for our fashionistos

And something for the ladies...


dr.weird taste said…
dear confashions,

i am an ardent/obsessive fan of yours. i look at your blog as a daily, strict, ritual of mine. If this ritual is in any way impeded i lose severe calories. You are a gem of all bloggers. You write with compassion and the support you provide to new/old designers today you should be awarded the noble prize!
However, the ladies shoes you pictured earlier, with the mismatched fabric. who, what and where can i get a pair? If possible.

Keep doing what you do. You are an inspiration to us all.
Confashion said…
The Travel Expose
Glad you do ;)

dr. weird taste
Thank u thank sooo much for your kind words ;) Your comment made my day!
You can get this mix'n'unmatched lace-up flats from FA Gallery (located opposite to Amiri Hospital). The exhibition is on till Thursday 5th October.