Dear Confashion: Her T-Shirt

If you're a fan of this brand and this brand, then you'll love this one! I have received an email from the owner of a new line of t-shirts called Her T-shirt. She uses images of her favorite designer items as part of the design. All t-shirts are priced at KD 55 each. Find out more by clicking here.


Anonymous said…
oh wow such a plagiarism !
i saw the exact designs of some of the t-shirts about 5-6 months ago (in wahran expo) by "March designs" and it was 10-15 kd for each! but seriously those for 55 ??????!!! "ramadan kareem" lol !
Anonymous said…
55KD is an ABSURD price for these t-shirts.. especially since it's not even a brand name!
Anonymous said…
NO WAY! The Chanel Bag Is Exactly The Same As FML's..
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