Dear Confashion: Fyunka from Jeddah

Fyunka (bow in english) is a Jeddah based brand, which designs canvas bags featuring cute illustrations and cheeky pop cultural quotes translated to Arabic. I think they're perfect for the beach, gym, or even as a goodie bag/gift. You can view more by clicking here

The totes will be sold at various boutique in the Gulf region.  For any inquiries please send an e-mail to


Anonymous said…
Bow is an English word -.- not Arabic
Confashion said…
Oops! My bad... blame it on lack of sleep!
Thanks ;)
Mademoiselle said…
love the Carrie Bradshaw wisdom!
Confashion said…
My favorite is abgha Birkin :P
Noor said…
I love these I have been wanting one for so long but its hard to get online.
Confashion said…
Try :)