Dear Confashion: Distraction by Haya

Although Distraction by Haya might not be a household name at the moment, young Bahraini fashion designer Haya Al Khalifa is cautiously progressing along the road to fame.
Distraction by Haya, a Bahrain based brand, is a fashion line aimed at women with eternal love for elegant and glamorous style (loved the lace dress in the first photo!). After obtaining the internationally renowned Edexcel Degree in Arts, from the Royal University for Women, and after also receiving the degree’s highest honor of a Distinction, Haya launched Distraction.The brand was introduced to the world when Haya held her first solo fashion show in November 2009, at the La Fontaine Center of Contemporary Arts.

Haya has just launched her Fall/Winter 2011 collection entitled Desert Waves which is a special collection that compliments women internationally through the custom made fabrics and prints sourced and made in the UK especially for Distraction by Haya

Thank you Haya for introducing me to your lovely brand.  Click here to view Distraction by Haya's latest F/W 2011 collection. All garments are available by order.


Anonymous said…
i loved the lace dress! stunning
Confashion said…
Something that Jackie O would wear ;)