Dear Confashion: Dauphines of New York's New Collection

Remember my post last year about luxury statement hair accessories brand called Dauphines of New York? Well, it is my pleasure to share with you photos of the brand's latest styles. This season the collection includes designs featuring Baroque and Gilded influences, Art Deco favorites, colorful and intricate Navajo prints, turquoise and feathers, Tiara toppers, plus neons, signature stones, crystals, leather chain link, and metal designs.  

What I really like about this brand is that the headbands serve dual purpose: an adjustable band allows the accessory to be worn as headband or necklace while also allowing individual sizing and providing tailored comfort of fit.  The first featured piece with the feather details and emerald green is my favorite piece of this season's collection. It would look great worn with big hair for that boho-chic look. 

To find out more about Dauphines of New York, please click here.