Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cute Collar

Collars are this season's most unconventional statement accessory. I spotted this cute peter pan pearl-embellished collar (trying saying that 3 times fast!) at H&M the other day and it reminded me of Emma Watson's pearl collar on the cover of I-D magazine. I wish the collar came in sizes becuase when I tried it on it was too big. Oh well.. the search is still on...

Update: I just found out from LadyB that she posted about it too. Check it out here.


LadyB said...

Got it last week and made a post 2 days ago its soo cute ;)

Confashion said...

I completely forgot about your new blog's link! Must check it out now :)

Dear Romeo said...

Me blogging tweeted about it too

Boutique N said...

Boutique N in Burj Jassim has just received some collar necklaces from Dress Gallery!
You have to stop by and check them out! xx

Confashion said...

Dear Romeo
Me blogging just tweeted me and informed me about it ;) What can I say, great fashionistas think alike :)

Boutique N
I did pass by but there were no collar necklaces :( Maybe they're not on display yet?

Boutique N said...

Sorry we just put them on display yesterday night! They are on display now. The collar comes in two colors, black or white pearls!
Please feel free to stop by! xx

Confashion said...

Boutique N
haha no problem. And thanks for the update :) I'll make sure to pass by soon!

St couture said...

You can find something similar to this available at You can order it and it will be dilvered to your door step within 2 business days.

Confashion said...

St couture
Thanks for sharing :)


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