Copy Cat: Cacharel's Floral Sheath Dress

Ever since I saw this beautiful retro-like floral print on Cacharel's runway, and I've been waiting impatiently for it to hit Cacharel boutique in Arraya Complex. I was actually eyeing the head-to-toe floral suit. So when Cacharel received their new A/W collection, I was slightly disappointed as they did not get the suit yet (not sure if they're going to get it at all). BUT! They did receive this stunning 60s mod floral sheath dress as seen on Gwynnie and Mila. And they both looked flawless! Mila (or Mila's stylist) did an amazing job transforming her style) and Gwyneth? well almost anything Gwyneth wears turns into gold. And I'm not surprised. She's got style. She's got grace. And she just released a cookbook!! How can someone so skinny write a cookbook?! uffff! Anyways, price tag? KD 311.


shu84 said…
amazing dresses , very stylish:)