Ashi Hits K-town!

Well, Ashi's caftans to be more specific. Remember my post announcing that the stunning caftan collection of Ashi Studio by Mohammed Ashi will be coming soon to Kuwait? Well, they're here! Live and kicking at Al Othman Boutique. Get'em while you can!


Anonymous said…
i wish if some 1 give us the feed back
i was told the kaftan is over priced like 1500 kd and 2000
for dara3a its too much
Anonymous said…
Any info about the price range?
Confashion said…
Anonymous and
The price range is around KD 800- KD 2,000.
Yes it's quite pricey, but this collection caters to very fancy or very formal ghabgas or even can be worn for weddings. Not justifiable nor practical for day-to-day casual events.
Anonymous said…
he is aiming at doubling his prices next year..
he already doubled his prices from last year..
Nour Kelani said…
Plus I don't think his dresses looked like Kaftans :)
Nour Kelani said…
The pieces are not over priced compared to the quality! he's giving us couture!
I bought one of the dresses from this collection and I couldn't be happier! so delicate! beautiful organza and great cuts!
I'd put his dresses next to Lanvin and Dior!
Great work Ashi! love your designs :)
and the dresses don't look like kaftans :)
Confashion said…
Hmm.. what makes you say that? I hope he won't double his prices by next year! I want to be able to buy his stuff :P

Nour Kelani
Love Ashi too! He has truly raised the bar high for fashion designers in our region, along side Rabih Kayrouz and Elie Saab...