Affordable Accessories

Last season I was inspired by fashion runway and icons and their facination with fur stoles, colored or natural, worn over the shoulder a la Prada style or hung on bags a la Olsens style. So I started searching for a faux fur stole key hang it on my oversized bag, kind of like Louis Vuitton's S/S 2010 handbags. I couldn't find any, and with time I lost interest. And to my surprise, the other day while I was shopping at H&M. I have found 3 different styles of the faux fur key chains (shown above), and their price range between KD 1 - KD 1.500! BUT I didn't like the quality at all. They weren't soft at all. but hey! that should be expected since they're priced so cheap!

I think this season H&M has the coolest accessories on High Street boutiques level. Check out this set of rings shaped as a bunny, a fox, and some tree branches.
Multi-chain intertwined necklace
These pair of tassle earrings are so on-trend. I've been lusting over Gwyneth Paltrow's hot pink tassel earrings which were seen worn by the chic acctress recently. I can't seem to find a photo of her online wearing them.
This green soft leather bag with black straps from Zara looks like a Marni bag! Price tag? KD 45.500
I liked this mustard colored oversized leather clutch from Zara. I would like smashin' with denim-on-denim looks.  And it has a hint of Celine. Price tag? KD 29.500.


Anonymous said…
Gweneth was wearing hot pink feather earrings not tassels. but those black ones look amazing!
here's a picture:
Confashion said…
I know which photo you're referring to ;) But that's not the one. I swear I saw her photo very recently wearing a beige top I think and wearing hot pink tassel earrings that fell to her shoulders... I'll just need to search more for it!

But thanks for sharing ;)