The Adrenaline Rush at Louboutin

So I have finally managed to visit Louboutin's new boutique at Salhiya Complex. BIIIG mistake. Why? Well, dear shoeholics, I ended up wanting to buy not one, not two, but THREE pairs of shoes!!! What the hell! I do like a few Louboutin styles but lately I haven't been a HUGE fan! What is wrong with me! It seems that I left my sanity at the passenger seat before I stepped into the mall! Thank god I came back to my senses after a few.. ahem.. calculations.  And decided to sleep on it and see how I felt about it a day later. I must limit myself to ONE pair only. May the force be with me!


May said…
lool I don't blame you these shoes are beautiful!
Anonymous said…
hahaha aww! I can relate. I would go for the cut-out pair, if I were you <3

reem said…
How much is that blue daffodil heel?
Me Blogging said…
I think u will go for the green
Sn3a said…
the green one is SOMETHING!
miya said…
can't blame you at ALL !!!
the green one is kindda gucci's. so i think you'll go for the black toe :)
Anonymous said…
The laser cut shoes are amazing ! but i'm not a platform fan ! I rather a shorter heel since I'm tall :(
Mademoiselle said…
*sigh* decisions decisions
LadyB said…
I'm gonna stay away from this boutique first thing cuz I'd feel the urge in buying all the shoes that I liked and second my size is always sold out so I'll spare myself the disappointment :P
Confashion said…
:\ I wish they were ugly!

I'm leaning more towards the spiky booties :\

they're a beautiful shade of emerald green :) I think they were KD 195... or not.. I really can't remember. Sorry :\

Me blogging
my number one choice are the spiky boots followed by the emerald green heel :)

I knoooow :\

I'll have to share with you guys my purchase when I go there next time (hopefully not anytime soon!)

Lucky you ;) I need all the height that heels can give me :P

Tell me about it! Sigh!

That's the best thing you can do to your savings :P