Window Shopping until Pre-Fall and Fall

It's July. And by now I think I've had enough of what's being offered on sale around town. I'm bored basically and I'm in desperate need of seeing pre-fall and fall merchandise right there in front of me (not virtually) for some fashion stimulation. So until that time comes, I decided to do some window shopping at different home accessories boutiques. My only worry was that my window shopping might turn into an extravaganza  for spending my hard-earned money on items I really really don't need! Fortunately that did not happen. Anyways, here are some of the really cool items I have spotted here and there..

How cool are these set of tea glasses (istikanas) with padded sleeves shaped as guy wearing a tarboosh. Available at Turquoise boutique in 360 Mall.

Colorful triangle shaped tables to add zest to boring rooms. Available at B&B boutique in Al Tilal Complex
Loved this very artistic and huuuuge center plate. The photo really does not do it justice. Also at B&B boutique.
Another huuuuge and a statement piece at B&B. It's a plain chandelier from the outside but the inner side of it has a beautifully carved floral details.
I forgot the name of this boutique (was it Kenzo Maison?!)but it was at Al Tilal too. Now THIS is the kind of piece I'd like to have in my living room. So classy! I already started referring to it as "my couch"!
Silver hammered tables to match "my couch"
Check out this footstool from Kenzo Maison shaped as Kenzo's Pagodon Bag which I have featured before here. So pwety!