What's Inside My Makeup Bag?

I have been asked by Kuwait's top beauty bloggers Ke7el Team to share what's inside my so-called make-up bag. So while taking photos of my Prada-esque make-up bag (which I got from H&M) I realized how boring my beauty routine must be to beauty junkies! Lipsticks?! That's it!!?! I really need to brush up on my beauty skills or learn something new! Anyways, you can read the post by clicking here.


Q8makupassion said…
omg thats it ?! check out my blog ymkin eteshayeshain :P
Mademoiselle said…
haha, no it is not boring! everyone is different.
thanks for taking part of our project!

Q8makupassion- why dont you share your makeup bag? :)
Confashion said…
LOL! Yup! I did warn you that it was a boring makeup bag! :P

Thank YOU sweetie ;)