What Kate Wore

Yesterday,  I received a couple of emails and tweets from the lovely Bebhinn of HellwaFashion.com and a sweet Kuwaiti blogger living in NYC congratulating me for being featured on What Kate Wore, which is a site dedicated to following Princess Kate's style statements. The site managed to identiry Kate's Whistles crochet top  from one of my posts.

Honestly? At first I freaked out! I was like "S***! They probably took the photo from some random blog and now I'm taking all the credit!!". I just couldn't remember taking a photo of such top from Whistles! Plus the fact the Whistles store has shut down a year ago or so didn't help either! So I did a quick search on my blog and to my relief, I found a post that I wrote about Whistles's pre-fall collection back in 2007!!!! Pheeeew! Everyone who knows me personally know how bad (really bad!) my memory is!! So I did actually take that photo, but there is no way in hell I would remember such thing! And in a sec I was over the moon! 

What Kate Wore wrote "The Duchess paired it with navy and white crocheted top from the 2007 pre-fall Whistles collection. As always, WKW Facebook Friends were invaluable in identifying things, our thanks to Robin Stevens for locating the photo of the crocheted top at a fashion blog, Confashions from Kuwait." Indeed! Thank YOU Robin!

On that subject, how modest Princess Kate is! I mean wearing something from a high street store that she has purchased back in 2007 to an official visit is just amazing. And you know what's funny? I have received several emails from random people asking me if I'm willing to sell that top! If they only knew how high the turnover is on high-street clothes in my closet!


Danderma said…
Ya mal el fagor! Its not a classic designer piece ele I keep it in my closet for years to come! Mithil el berkin bag malat il malika mathalan! laish hal tawfeer kilah! Metzawja walee 3ahad ibrai6aniya el3othma o no9 hdoomich 3etaj? Eshteray new clothes.

Mo yayzatle... kilish
Lool aham shay yboon il top :p 7safa lo emkhaleetaa! Mini o raye7 mani ga66a shay abdan dam kate tehwa il hdoom el3etaj!
Mademoiselle said…
amazing Confashion! You're so out there! now lets see you getting passes to all of the fashion weeks!

i love kate, even though i'm not too fond of her fashion sense so much. she's a real, girl next door.
Carly said…

I also featured your photo and linked you back,

hope this is OK.

hellwafashion said…
Maybe Kate has secretly been reading your blog for the last four years ;)
Anonymous said…
Low ana chan bi3t eltop o gazart.ha 9a777777 :P

O ma a3tiqid enaha ga3da "twafir" I simply think that she is trying to make a statement.
Confashion said…
LOOOL! But it is in great condition (from the photos of course) so why not wear it if she can pull it off :P

LOL! HIGHLY UNLIKELY! At least not for this reason! But a girl can dream :P
I agree She seems very down-to-earth... :)

Thank you! I'll update it on my post and mention you too! :)

LOL! yeah right! I wish! :P

LOL! #businessOpportunity! :P

I agree. She tends to go for high street items AND support British designers which is expected from a British royal.
Ansam said…
I am not surprised ;-) For you to be mentioned I mean! You rock! You are the queen of fashion blogging in KTown
Confashion said…
Thank you so so much sweetie :***
Robin said…
Thank YOU Confashions! If only you knew how thrilled I was to find that photo on your blog. The search for info about Kate's clothes became an obsession for many of us during the Canadian tour and I kept just missing being the first in with information. My competitive spirit was fired up and the thrill of victory was GREAT! Keep posting, we may need another posting from you to source something that Kate wears!! ;o)
Confashion said…
Thank you sooooo much for your kind and sweet words :) And I'm glad to be of help ;)
Good luck with your searches!