No More Zadig & Voltaire

It seems that Zadig & Voltaire boutique has closed down permanently in The Avenues Phase II and has been replaced by another boutique called Casamoda. I'm not sure but I think it's the same boutique as the one in Zahra Complex. 


1001 Nights said…
I haven't seen the one in Kuwait bas if you want the truth ana madree shlon hal ma7al inshahar oo faj2a sar bkil mukaan! Ya rabe bitha3ta 7adha 3aadiya kilish moo wow ba3dain mafee thak il variety. Kil mara adish ma ashtiree shay.
Anonymous said…
well, its a bit overpriced for a casual wear,
Confashion said…
1001 Nights
I agree and I even mentioned it in one of my posts. You won't find pieces out of the ordinary and honestly it is quite overpriced. I can find similar items at more budget-friendly prices, esp in the clothes category. However, I do like their handbags, shoes, and accessories though.

I guess it's the gossip girl hype

I couldn't agree more. :)