News Flash: First Look at BodyAmr's Abaya Collection

London-based brand BodyAmr has just released new sensual silk abaya collection available in black.  BodyAmr will also offer abayas in a multitude of colors which can be worn as caftans for Ramadan or Eid. The collection will be available in UK's luxury department store Harrods. For further details, please contact BodyAmr by sending an e-mail to


Anonymous said…
I know that someone has to do this for demand and the money but it makes me sick in my stomach seeing Russian models wear Abayas like haute-couture while the black sad Abaya represent suppression and submission of the Arab woman :(
Anonymous said…
The abaya can be very glamorous and many women in the Gulf wear it by choice! It is a shame that the media has directed you to think like that. I would suggest that you speak to some Arab women and then make up your mind!

Wearing it glamorously
From an Omani woman
abayas fashion said…
I really like the style though.
Nice styles. Hijabs may make them better