Modern Mosque in Kuwait

Seeing modern mosques being built in a way that do not conform to traditional Islamic architectural style is something rare to me. And as far as I know, the only mosques with modern architecture in Kuwait are Fatima Mosque located in the suburb of Abdullah Al Salem area, and Ras Salmiya’s pyramid-shaped mosque. So while I was on my way to a friend's house I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted this modern looking mosque.  The mosque was still under construction but you can tell from its architecture and the details used that once completed this will be another masterpiece to treasure in Kuwait.

The mosque is located at Abdullah Al Salem area. Take a look at the photos below for different views of the mosque.
Beautiful wood detail on the mosque's door (the main entrance)
I noticed the ceiling was designed using blocks of Arabic calligraphy and on each block you can read one of the 99 perfect names and attributes of Allah.
I like the way the minaret is covered


Chuknum said…
It looks very nice, we need more mosques like this
a mix between traditional and modern.
samaher tariq said…
that's beautiful
u should see the ones we have here in jeddah
Anonymous said…
Dear confashion,
please check the name of the mosque because the true name of the mosque is Moh'd Al Saddah, if you don't believe me go check for yourself ! :D
Confashion said…
I couldn't agree more :)

Samaher Tariq
It is very beautiful. Can't wait to see it when it's all completed.

Please share photos if you have :)

I believe you ;) I saw it displayed on the main entrance of the mosque.
Toofa said…
i think there is another modern mosque infront of dasman palace"n Faris Alwugayan"! can wait to s it when its done!
Confashion said…
Really? I have to check it out! Thanks for sharing :)