Louboutin Soon in Salhiya Complex

Red-sole heels fans rejoice! A location has been confirmed. Christian Louboutin stand alone boutique will soon be opening up in Salhiya Complex right next to Sergio Rossi's boutique. Imagine an enitre store with the signature red soles! Start saving! 


haifa said…
Can't wait . Super happy
Me N More said…
Oh my oh my can't wait!!!
Confashion said…
Me too :) I really hope his new collections will be offering some new styles instead of reproducing old ones in different colors.

Me N More
Same here ;)
Wehbe said…
I am a bit disapppointed. Was hoping for a stand alone Villa Moda-esque store for Louboutin in Kuwait City.
Confashion said…
You mean to have the same store space as Villa Moda?
Hmm.. the shoes would be lost in such a huge space!!