Just Like The Row...

Sigh.. The LBLD (aka the little black leather dress). I saw it and I fell in love with it. Do I have an occasion to wear it for? Nope. Is our weather cold enough to justify the "cost per wear" formula? Nope. And never mind the fact that I already have two leather dresses and one leather skirt which I haven't worn yet. But it would look sooo gooood with my Isabel Marant gava pumps. I spotted this black MANGO shift dress and fell in love with it because it looks a lot like The Row LBLD, which I saw on Boutique 1's site, minus the savings damage of course.  I have to warn you though, this leather piece from MANGO doesn't come with a high street price tag. The dress is priced at KD 95.

And from black leather dress to a black leather bag, I spotted this very CĂ©line-ish Zara bag. Price tag? KD 32.500.


Anonymous said…
Wow Ma sha2a Allah 3alech!
9ij thoueeqa w t3arfeen shloon tchikeen elqi63a elmumayaza :P
You'd make a great shopping partner or even a personal stylist!
yousefq8 said…
Dewwwddd, I like it! Very seductive. You should get it and save it for the wintery time or something, or wear it to a gathering. :)
Confashion said…
LOL! Thank you so much I'm very flattered ;)

I think so too :)
shu84 said…
Lovely bag:) http://shu84.blogspot.com