Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Like Chanel...

Spotted these very Chanel-eque knitted black/white stitch short cardigan with tipping on placket and pockets at TopShop store in the Avenues. I think they make a good high-street purchase to kick-off the fall shopping sprees. Price tag? KD 27.


Anonymous said...

Wooow  I love theem .. I must get 1 soooon 
Thanx for sharing 

New Bride said...

Hmm what do u think of high street retailers imitating designers shoes , bags and now clothes ?

Ansam said...

I have the black one ;-)

Confashion said...

You're more than welcome :)

New Bride
I am against copying the exact designs and styles of designer collection because the said designer has worked really hard to create and offer something beautiful and new and I can totally understand how it must feel for them to see their work mass produced by high street retailers. That said, sometimes high street stores get inspired by a trend (not copy and exact look) and add certain elements that makes it look different, then I think it's acceptable.

Great choice ;) bil 3afiya

hijabi said...

I like it. Remember girls there are a lot people who cannot afford the real deal.

Confashion said...

So true :)


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