I see Polka Dots Popping

Yup, the polka dots have popped up everywhere on high street stores and now Polka Dots can pop into your wardrobe too without breaking your bank. I spotted, no pun intended, this red polka dots jacket at Zara for the price of KD 39.500 which you can pair with plain separates. Or you can go a little bit fashion forward and pair it with a dress that has even bigger polka dots and polka dots covered heels. The navy polka dots dress is priced at KD 32.500.


Victoria said…
Oo lovely! I can definitely see dots being a big trend for autumn a la Stella McCartney! Can't wait x
NewQ8 Bride said…
i hate polka dots , but for the sake of fashion i did wear them :P
shu84 said…
sooo cute:)

Confashion said…
I've already got me a few pieces covered in polka dots. I'm eyeing the Stella McCartney black dress ;)

LOL! The thing we do to look stylish ;)

I agree :)