A Hint of Jonathan Saunders?

This post does not fall under the "Just Like..." posts because I felt that there were only a few elements that gave a hint of being inspired by a brand. In his S/S 2011 collection, Jonathan Saunders used abstract floral wallpaper prints and a mix of bright and pastel shades as his color palette. And when I spotted this pleated white dress with stripes detail and the floral printed pencil skirt at Dorothy Perkins in the Avenues, I immediately related the designs to Jonathan Saunders's collection. The dress was priced at KD 25 and the skirt was around KD 18 but these were the before sale prices so now I'm sure they're much cheaper in price.

*Jonathan Saunders orange dress was photographed by me at Al Othman boutique. Runway photo was taken from style.com. 


Anonymous said…
Where is this?
Confashion said…
Opps! My bad! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :)

Dorothy Perkins
sadia said…
the Dorothy Perkins dress and skirt are pretty cute! :)
shu84 said…
love skirt:)

Confashion said…
I was quite impressed by Dorothy Perkins to be honest!

Me too ;)