Hang Your Bag in Style

As a fashion junkie, I go to extreme measures to make sure that my prized possessions in the fashion arena are always kept in perfect condition. For example, every pair of shoes I own is neatly stored in a see-through box inside my closet, by importance order of course. Each type of accessories I own is also stored in a padded Liberty like fabric box, by groups (a box for belt, a box for rings, a box for scarves... etc). And once a month a use the mini-hover these boxed just to make sure they're super clean (Obsessive Compulsive? moi?). Aaaand, I do one thing which some of my friends think it's embarrassing but I'm going to share it with you anyways. If I want to book a table at a restaurant for, let's say, 4 people, I call the restaurant and ask for a table of 5 to make sure my bag doesn't touch the floor and has a seat of its own! Annoying? Maybe. But I don't want to take any chances when it comes to my beloved bags. It doesn't always work out but at least I gave it a shot. So for such fashion emergencies, the bag hook comes in handy. Up until recently, the ones I saw are really really tacky! But these bag hooks by Kenzo are so so adorable! I spotted them at the brand's boutique in the Avenues Phase II and they're shaped like Kenzo's Pagodon Bag. Price tag? KD 19. Great gift idea too!


May said…
hehehe smart idea, booking for 5! Yes it's a problem, specially when I'm carrying a clutch! :)
Confashion said…
A clutch would be places on the table of course (if it was a mini clutch) and if it was the oversized type, I'd put it on my lap. ;)
Maha said…
Hey Con! Just want to start by saying I am a big fan! Love reading your posts, keep it up! This is my first time to comment and I am really interested in seeing how you keep your closet and accesorizes organized :-p I have been trying to get myself organized and I feel like I have no space! My shoes and bags are my babies and I want to make them a nice home. Could you maybe show us how Ms.Confashions takes care of her babies? ;-) If it's not touch to ask.
Confashion said…
Thank you Maha and I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog :)

For shoes, I always store them in boxes to protect them from dust. IKEA has great boxed for shoes with a see-through side so that you can actually tell which pair of shoes are stored inside without opening the box.

For make-up and Jewelry, I organize them in plastic trays also available at IKEA.

I'll try to take photos of my stuff and share them with you. :)