Good Golly Miss Dotty

Well, they're more like magnified and glamorized dots! I am head over heels in L.O.V.E with Pierre Hardy's so-on-trend retro polka dots sandals. Fall shopping... here I come!


Anonymous said…
Dear Confashions,

My friend's bday's next week, and i'm hopeless.. out of ideas..

any idea on what I can get her ? she's a shoes & bags fanatic so I'd like to get her a high end brand one from somewhere , any shops on sale at the moment in Kuwait ?

Thx !
1001Nights said…
I've seen nicer Pierre Hardy shoes. Bass I wanted to comment on your title, girl I don't know where you come up with these titles but they rock! good golly miss dotty HA! Love it!
Confashion said…
Why not try to get her a pair of shoes from Al Othman Outlet located at Mariam Complex? Or try Villa Moda in Shwaikh's Free Trade Zone, or you can try

Almost all designer brands boutiques are on sale so you will find some great options!

What is your budget if I may ask so that I can further assist you :)

LOL! Thank you thank you ;) I guess I have a thing for Little Richard's music!
Music and fashion are always in passion :P
Mademoiselle said…
love! for some reason, the bubble-y beige and black design is giving me a georgina goodman vibe!
sara said…
i was checking net-aporter last week and when i saw it i immediately fell in love with it , bs its expensive shwaya
Confashion said…
Hmm.. I can't quite agree this time :P

Yup it is expensive :\