Fashionably Eccentric

Khaleda Rajab to our region’s fashion is what Nicola Formichetti is to international fashion. With two stand-alone boutiques under her (studded) belt, the eccentric fashion designer Khaleda Rajab, better known for her adventurous fashion creations, has managed to build a large client base emanating from Bahrain to the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

It’s not only that Khaleda Rajab's eccentric and glamorous creations have put her on our region’s fashion map. Nor the fact that she does print her own textiles, to ensure the brand retains its exclusivity. But also its her attention and focus on manufacturing goods with the highest quality that makes her work stand out. She currently manufactures in factories outside the region to ensure that the production is 100% accurate.

Khaleda Rajab currently has 7 brands to cater for varying budgets and tastes:
  1. Khaleda Rajab Haute Couture: has its own workshop in the region creating samples and haute couture for its clientele
  2. Khaleda Rajab Couture: This brand line has a touch of haute couture, with the essence of ‘ready to wear’
  3. KRCouture: This forms the lower line, catering to every budget. It is best described as prĂȘt-a-porter,
  4. KRC Kids: Fashionable and fun collection for girls aged between 1-9 years old
  5. Khaleda Rajab Haute Couture Home: provideing a high quality linens and home accessories
  6. KRC Haute Couture Accessories: Creating rosaries to one of kind bib necklaces using unique gems and crystals.
  7. Khaleda Rajab Shoes and Handbags
If you wish to learn more about Khaleda Rajab, please click here.


Anonymous said…
Bs ma khali9at mo'9at elshoulder pads, shoulder studs and basically anything that has to do with shoulders?
A7is 9arlaha sneen. I mean that trend was really hot back in 2009, when Balmain basically started it. And ofcourse he was inspired by the 80s and certain artists from the 80s, like Michael Jackson and Prince.
I still don't own anything with shoulder pads/ studs, since I am no rock star... Akhaf ashtree qi6a3 w t9eer qadeema o out of fashion. That's why I stick with classic and basic peices. Boring, I know. But I'd rather not look at old pics of myself and think LOL!
What do you think? Do you think it's going to be out of style soon?
Will I look funny wearing it?
Hijabs and Co said…
luv this collection <3
Sam said…
Her designs are amazing. Reminds of Balmain.
Mademoiselle said…
i fell in love with Khaleda Rajab since i saw her on Bazaar Arabia.
i wish her the best of luck!
Confashion said…
Well you don't have to go for the shoulder pads look. Yes I agree it's not as "in" in fashion as it was first introduced by Balmain. BUT I do like the embellished sleeves and embellished pants looks which she has created. I also find the silhouette of the dress featured in the first photo with the studded belt very glamorous and powerful.

Classic pieces doesn't necessarilt translate to "boring". On the contrary, they look timeless chic to me. Just like the thing that Jacki O wore and Grace Kelly too!

I did buy blazers with statement shoulder pads a couple of seasons ago, but I'm not going to give them away. Actually I'll be storing them for when the time this trend emerges again in 10 years time or so. :)

Hijab & Co.
It looks powerful ;)

I couldn't agree more :)

I'm so glad that her team contacted me to feature her on my blog because her talents deserve a spotlight! :)
Princesynch said…
amazing creation :)
Anonymous said…
wow, i seriously love her designs!
Confashion said…
true :)

I'm glad you do ;)
Anonymous said…
@Anonymous What an idiot! Balmain has been dead since 82' LOL