Dear Confashion: Razan Alazzouni's Ramadan Collection

The talented Razan Alazzouni, whom I've featured previously here, has just launched her Ramadan caftans collection. I like how most pieces (except for the one featured in the first photo which is more on the dressy side) make a great everyday caftan for family iftar gatherings. Here's a sneak peak of the collection. For more info, please click here.


Mademoiselle said…
the first has a very Moza Al Misnid feel. loving the simplicity of the rest
Anonymous said…
They felt like mit7ajba maid uniforms to me :/
Confashion said…
My favorite is the first too :)

Really? I actually liked them because they have a button-down line from the back (I should have shown them on the post) and felt very 50's like. Maybe you'd look at them differently if you can imagine pairing them with a wide belt and statement jewels?