Dear Confashion: More from the Modern Mosque

Remember the modern which I have featured previously here? Well, the creative brains behind this amazing work, bab.nimnim Design Studio, have emailed me a selection of the current Mosque photos as it stands today.

About the concept of the design, bab.nimnim represnetatives stated that "The 2,800 sq.m Mohammed Jassim Al-Saddah Grand Mosque, located in Dahiat Abdullah Al-Salem, showcases how a modern approach to designing an Islamic structure in Kuwait. The main concept behind the building revolves around the oneness of Allah through the repetitive use of the circle. A sense of continuity was applied with the use of one pattern and one font type. The particular pattern used derives from six interlocking circles around a hexagon, which originates from a Damascan mashrabiya screen. The pattern was proliferated on several surfaces such as the woodwork, metal work, internal walls, mashrabiyas, minaret and dome. The portrayal of the 99 names of Allah and Quranic verses on the wall uses the squared Koufi font type. The font is extremely modern yet is one of the oldest forms of Arabic calligraphy"  

The Mohammed Jassim Al-Saddah Grand Mosque is located at Dahiat Abdullah Al-Salem, Block 2, Street 25 and is set to open its doors to its neighbors for the first time on the first day of Ramadan (Monday August 1st, 2011).


Anonymous said…
Thanks Confashions! BNN adores your support!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Confashions for the post!

The Team @BNN adores your support!!!
May said…
So Beautiful! So proud of Babnimnim! :D
Anonymous said…
If Jassim's involved no wonder it's lovely! I don't know him, but heard of him a lot.

Excellent job, all the best to Jassim & Amera, make Kuwait proud!
Confashion said…
Amera Al-Awadhi
You're more than welcome and thanks for the update ;)

Me too! Wish them all the luck :)

Jassim is just amazing. A force of creativity!
Wish him and Amera the best of luck :)
Nasser said…
This is a very special mosque. A very spiritual place. It's the size, the colours, the design, the light quality, everything! It's a fantastic building and it's as breathtaking on the outside.