Dear Confashion: iSachet

Now here's a tasteful way of giving monetary gifts to friends and family.  iSachet provides you a wide range of money sachets with different Arabic greetings to insert monetary gifts to be given to loved ones on occasions such as weddings, Eid, graduation in an elegant and classy way. And most importantly in a discreet way so that your nosy relative (we all have one in the family!) won't know how much exactly you gave, well unless she/he asks you directly of course, which is most likely to happen!  

Anyways, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank iSachet for sending me samples of their lovely envelopes. If you wish to order iSachet envelops or have further inquiries, please call (+965) 6766-0476.


NewUAE said…
what a creative idea <3
Mademoiselle said…
makes ediya much less awkward
i think its a great idea!
Noura said…
r.alsharif said…
That's such a good idea! Best way to avoid awkwardness :P
Anonymous said…
3ajebeen 7ag il3eediyat! thanx :D
Confashion said…
It is :)

I couldn't agree more!


I couldn't agree more ;)

And gifts for newly married ;)
Lulu said…
Beautiful idea. Just ordered and received Spongebob sachets ..really cute.