Dear Confashion: Feather Hair Extensions

Q: I came across a new hair trend in the states called the feather hair extensions and I was wondering if you know anything about it and is there any salons in Kuwait that offer this trend!?

A: As far as I know, I haven't seen or heard any Salon in Kuwait that offer the feather hair extensions service. But then again, I'm really bad when it comes to keeping up with the latest services offered in salons in Kuwait. So if any salon owners are reading this post, we'd appreciate it your feedback (#business opportunity). You can find out more about this trend here.


AKF said…
That's so strange! My friend came from the states with them in her hair and I'm dying of jealousy! I've been looking for a place that does them in Kuwait and so far I've come up with nothing :(
Anonymous said…
Yes The Boudoir Salon just ordered a large quantity of feather extensions in a variety of colors and they will arrive within 10 for any questions 25335951/25335952 :)
Confashion said…
Well your prayers have been answered ;) Check out the anonymous comment below :)

Thank you Boudoir for sharing :) Are they the same concept as normal hair extensions?
mimi said…
if you're not into extentions there are the clip-on ones from Claires
The Boudoir Salon said…
Yes they are the same concept except it is secured with a silicon micro bead and not glued onto your hair so its faster.. You can wash, style your hair as normaol with the feathers :)
Au natural said…
can't wait to try it on :)
Anonymous said…
I know a lady that does them at home.

Her name is Amber and her number is 65111008.

I hope that u find the colors u like.
Ghanima said…
I have seen them online they are really easy to put on you can get them online from birchboxv they teach you how to put them on hers a link hope I helped
Confashion said…
Thank you all for your great and helpful feedback.
Much appreciated! :)
Dear Readers,

Feather hair extensions ARE AVAILABLE in many colors at RETRO salon in Qortuba.
Please call 2533-0587 for more details.

Best regards,
Retro Salon :)
Confashion said…
RETRO salon Qortuba
Thank you for the update :)
RETRO salon said…
Pleasure ;)

Best regards,
Retro Salon