Dear Confashion: Fatima Al Naqi Make up Academy

From courses in Kuwait, to Makeup diplomas in Spain, certificates in London, Fatima S. Al Naqi has a lot to bring to the table. Her experiences do her justice, with Makeup certificates from Jemma Kidd Makeup school in London, Al Naqi was given one on one classes with different Makeup artists such as Mai Lee, David Horne, Sevim and the Celebrity Makeup artist, Photographer Gozra Lozano, and most importantly was chosen to design the Cover Book for Gozra Lozano.

Her infamous airbrushing was the first to be introduced in Kuwait, Al Naqi has also collaborated projects with Closet Candy and November Boutique.  The first makeup Academy has recently been launched 2 weeks back, and as of now, one to one classes are being offered.  Starting Ramadan, there will be group classes conducted, and then further on, a Mentor, Gozra Lozano will also give workshops to those who are interested.

Fatima S. Al Naqi Makeup Academy is located in Salwa, Block 2, Street 1, Blue Madakhil Building, Basement Floor (next to Al Ahli Bank). To find out more about Kuwait's talented make-up artist Fatima S. Al Naqi, please click here or follow her on twitter and Facebook. Alternatively, you can call (+965) 9499-9945 or 2566-9624. 


Mademoiselle said…
like to see different talents emerging in Kuwait.
I wish Fatima the best of luck!
Anonymous said…
If this is some of her best work then I don't like it at all! And isn't there a prettier model?
Elle said…
I wish Fatima the best in her life, but as a beginner it's good and greets job! I'v seen a lot better that was perfect while taking a look at runway models! I'm sure that if she tried more and more she will get it ;)
Elle said…
Good work as a beginner but I hope she tries her best!
Confashion said…
ditto :)

I thought her make-up on some of the photos look nice.. not too loud.. somewhat subtle and chic.

Practice makes perfect :)
Anonymous said…
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