Dear Confashion: DIY Suppliers in Kuwait

Q: I'm interested in jewelry making and DIY stuff. There are many designs that I see online but are not for sale or I don't have access to, and I really think with some practice I can make them myself. But I cannot find any source of supplies in Kuwait! I mean the metal things like chains, metal wires, eye hooks, jump rings, different charms, etc..

Is there any kind of market here for such things??


A: Have you tried Barakat showroom in Salmiya? Also There is an old complex in Hawalli opposite to "Dar Al Shiffa" Hospital. Not sure what the name of the complex is, but it has a small shop on it's ground floor which you can easily spot while driving on the street called "Bayya'a el Warrd". If you go inside, you will find this huuuuge store in the basement where it sells arts and crafts. Also, try going to the Fabrics Market in Kuwait City, there you will find small shops where they sell buttons, charms, and stuff. And finally, try LB o J'zzaz, they also sell beads and stuff. 

I hope that was helpful. I would greatly appreciate if my readers can suggest some places too. 

Photo credit: Barakat Showroom


LWDLIK said…
Your reader may be just in time for this

They have tools for sale and will have names and addresses of suppliers.
Confashion said…
Thank you so much for sharing :)

Also it just hit me, I read sometime ago on your blog about this group:
aman ghatane said…
does anybody know that where can we buy tools for making jewelry?