Dear Confashion: Black Apple

One of the many things I love about blogging is the discovering and supporting new talents from our region. So when got an email from two talented Beirut based sisters and took a look at their designs that go by the name Black Apple Designs, I instantly knew that these designers have a lot to offer! 

Two sisters Tala, a graphic designer and Ayla, a marketing and fashion major, are the two creative minds behind the Black Apple Designs. "Being infatuated by fashion and jewelry, my sister and I always wanted to start a project revolving in that domain. We decided to merge our interests, and ideas to come to a conclusion for our love of handbags." expressed Tala. "Our project began to focus on our three main interests, fashion design, jewelry design and graphic design. We wanted to present something to the people that were not very commercial looking. We are greatly inspired by symmetric and geometric shapes. Clean, sharp cuts are essential to us when it comes to designing. We strive for consistency in our designs, creating a family of little Black Apples that are similar yet nothing alike." 

Looking at their designs you can immediately tell that the girls love experimenting with mixed media, in terms of different materials, textiles, hardware and crystals.  So any future plans ahead that the talented girls would like to share? "Indeed, we have future plans in expanding our brand into different lines. We believe each line needs its own focus, dedication and nurture. Our main focus is our line of handbags for the “now”. We are in the process of extensive research to begin our second line for the next summer". 

Black Apple Designs is a family establishment, with a third partner residing in the UAE; Nadia Azzam Kawash who continuously provides  insight on market expansion, consumer preferences, and feedback on how to further implement Black Apple designs for a specific markets.

For more information about Black Apple Designs, please click here.