Color Me Bag

I was at a friend's place the other day and noticed she had a leather purse beautifully decorated with artistic shapes. When I complimented her on the bag thinking that the art shapes were part of the designs, she informed me that the artistic designs on the bag were actually custom-made by an artist and that she got it as a gift from a friend of her's who lives in the states. So I asked her to give me the contact details of the artist. And naturally I contacted him and asked if I could feature him on my blog.  

The super talented and self-taught artist is Logan Real. He considers himself a Couture artist because he only paints one-of-a-kind pieces. Real only specialize and paint on luxury leather goods and exotic skins. And his goal is to become a global luxury brand, Logan Real; apparel, leather goods, footwear, textiles.

"My style is very clean, elegant, simplistic, diverse, open-minded, and has a constant sense of growth. All of my signature style work is completely free-hand; No stencil and no sketching. The amount of time and detail I put into my work is very intense and I take much pride in it." expressed Real.

"I've found a form, art/design, I'm able to clearly express my honest emotions through. All I hope, is that others will be inspired by my clarity and find their own form of self-expression."

If you're interested to have some custom work done by Logan Real, you would have to send him your handbag or wallet. For example, purchase an item online and have it mailed directly to him. Depending on the size of the leather good, his price will vary starting at $500-$3,000. It all depends how long it will take, around 1-3 weeks.

"I don't do a lot of work for the public, so if they want my originals, they need to give me full control of the design aspect. At the end of day, the value is in preserving the one-of-a-kind piece." stated Real.

Fur further inquiries, you can send an e-mail to Logan Real at


DS said…
Fabulous. Quick question, what's the bag itself? Who's it by?
Confashion said…
I'm not sure what the brand is because all featured photos were provided to me by the talented artist Logan Real.