Bras for a Cause Ambassador

I am proud to announce that I'm one of the Ambassadors for Bras for a Cause campaign. And as an ambassador, I'd like to share with you that I'm supporting and representing Domakaya's bra design for Bras for a Cause Campaign. Domyaka's designer Karima Riachy says: “I am Lebanese but live in London so being part of a charity based in the Middle East is especially close to my heart. I wanted to design a bra that was inspired by past and present Domakaya collections, that represented our brand for what it is; a playful, wearable, multi-colored day dream.

Bras for a Cause Campaign aims to raise awareness about breast health and help women who have had breast cancer in a fun, creative campaign. To show your support to this noble campaign please vote by clicking here


New Bride said…
Thanks a lot for posting about that campaign , I will vote
Confashion said…
New Bride
Thank YOU for voting :)