Yellow Nails

My post title might be a bit gross but I'm so tempted to make the yellow nail polish my nail color for the Summer season. And what's better to test the waters with none other than the budget-friendly H&M cosmetics? They have just received 50,000 units in store this weekend at The Avenues. And I'm eyeing those two colors. 


star said…
yes the yellow 3ajeeb I took them both with other colors also :)

I guess the yellow nail trend will be a hit soon in K-town cause chanel also made a bright shade of it and you know how much we love chanel polishes ;)
Mademoiselle said…
I got the yellow one this morning. Loving it! It's if I'm not mistaken, it's close to Chanel's yellow nail-polish.
LadyB said…
why not!
chanel got a new yellow varnish :P
Confashion said…
How much were they priced at if I may ask? :)

Loved ur post on the yellow nail polish ;)

It's the new Chanel green ;P