Saturday, June 4, 2011

What's New Around K-town?

From Najeeba Al Qudhibi's Ramadan exhibition Nashel to Kuwait's first modeling school. Check out the latest events and what's happening in K-town through my Save the Date page.


Piscean said...

What's Kuwait's first modeling school? Is there such a thing? And do you know whatever happened about Kuwait's House of Designers? The one that was located in Bneid Al Gar? It disappeared from the map!

Confashion said...

I just found out about it recently thanks to the owner who sent me an email about it :)

Hmm.. never heard of Kuwait's House of Designers.. what was the concept?

Piscean said...

What are the details of the modeling school? and will they also offer fashion designing classes or just modling?

House of designers was supposedly some kind of a fashion designing school..They just disappeard!! This is their link:!/group.php?gid=155820935902

Confashion said...

I'm not sure but I think they're only offering modeling courses> Currently they're announcing a three day summer workshop exclusively for women only.

I have added all the details of the modeling school here:

Anonymous said...

there any update or feedback about Modeling school plz inform us about it
or where can i find the link post about this school in ur blog ???

Confashion said...

lebanon cat
I'm not quite sure but you can try this link:


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