A Visit to Beit el That

During the weekend my friends and I had the pleasure to attend an open night hosted by Beit el That, located across from Amiri Hospital, to celebrate the work of its participants/students. For some reason I was under the impression that the place only offers meditation classes, but I was surprised to find out that Beit el That also provides Art Therapy (where they use visual language instead of verbal as a mode of expression to make contact with inner self), Yoga, Reiki, Healing, and agriculture (learn the theory and practices of bio-energetic farming that is sustainable and organic). It also provides rental spaces for alternative healing, conferences, or workshops. 

I loved how the ambiance had a lounge-y vibe and the place stayed true to its pure architecture.  It had an old-kuwaiti style kind of yard decorated with one palm tree in the middle. The rooms surrounding the yard had the art work of its students on display, and in one room, there was a huge canvas where anyone can come in and express his/her artistic side or simply leave a note. Some sections of the house were dimly-lit with candles. A guys came in and was playing the guitar which added the right touch to a lovely evening. 

Beit el That is located across from the Amiri hospital (same entrance of Beit Cidra) and next to FA Gallery.  

A beautiful necklaces worn by one of the hostesses
That's the canvas where most visitors left their mark on
Loved the color-combination of this piece. And below artist Shahad Al Wadhani standing next to her piece.  Did she intentionally match her cute dress with her painting? I'd like to think so! 


Beit elThat said…
Thank you Confashions for your beautiful, kind words, and your excellent coverage. We loved having you at Beit elThat. elBayt Baytkom.

Love & Light,

Beit elThat
Confashion said…
Beit elThat
You're more than welcome. Thank YOU for having me. I had a great time ;)
Piscean said…
Confashionnnn!! Could you plz put me in contact with them? I went to the place you mentioned and found it closed! some people their told me Beit el That are seasonal and aren't always there :( How can I reach them? They never answer their contact number :( HELP
Confashion said…
I think they're off during the Summer and will be back in September. But you can try calling (+965) 5566-4930 or by leaving a comment on their blog: http://beitelthat.blogspot.com/