Speaking of FA Gallery...

While shopping at FA Gallery, I had to check out their latest art exhibition titled Shadows of Memory, a group exhibition of seven artists: Reza Salem and Amira Behbehani from Kuwait, Sina Atta from Iraq, Ginane Bacho from Lebanon, Liz Allam from Egypt, Moataz from Sudan and Mary Tuma from United States.

This piece was one of my favorite pieces exhibited by Egypt-based Danish artist Liz Allam. Perhaps because it reminded me of my favorite doll when I was a child, the Cabbage Patch Kids, which I used to drag it with me everywhere I went. My mom gave it a way when I started coloring its eyelids with purple paint and cutting its hair pretending to be at a beauty parlor! This oil on canvas piece is priced at KD 2,300.
This beautifully textured art piece of mixed media on paper is created by Lebanese artist Ginane Bacho and is titled Clawed of Memories. According to the gallery's brochure, the piece is about documenting stages of her life in US, France, Kuwait, and other countries.
The exhibition is on until Wednesday 22nd June 2011. FA Gallery is located opposite to Souk Sharq and next to Amiri Hospital.