Shopping Around D-Mall

I always make sure to check out Chanel boutique in Dubai as it has waaaay better selection than Kuwait's Chanel .  It's either that, or the really nice items never hit the shelves in Kuwait in the first place and probably get stored inside for special clients. I find Chanel 's seasonal reincarnations of its classic bag  to be amusing and fun. I have seen this bag take on more unexpected details in unique colors and textures.  They're not always a hit though, but fun to look at. Here I'll be sharing with you some examples of this season's hits and misses. This on-trend and timeless hot fuchsia-colored bag was my favorite one in-store.

The denim textured bag? A miss. White bag? a Hit.

Black bag with lace butterfly detail? hmm..not bad.
Metallic bag? Yawn. black and white Camilla flower? Yawza!! love!

two-thumbs up goes to this orange black and white checkered bag.

Moving on, loved this Louis Vuitton jewels encrusted clutch
And the details on this LV gown

McQueen's fringed iconic clutch. Heart!
The best bag in exotic leather this season goes to Lanvin.

Saved her best for last, Alberto Guardiani lipstick heels in patent leather


Anonymous said…
wllah ya cona dear not only chanel even gucci,lv and .... etc im realy sad :(
Anonymous said…
Looooove the metallic bag but without the black+white camellia.
Anonymous said…
Allah! What a sight for sore eyes! Thanks
Madame C
Confashion said…
Maybe because Dubai has a bigger purchasing power since it's a touristic city? I don't know :\

I don't know why I didn't like it :\

You're more than welcome :)
Anonymous said…
I saw the shoes last week, loved them! But ill never wear them
Confashion said…
Too daring maybe? ;)