Shopping Around Boutique 1

During the Lucy in Disguise event, I had the pleasure to shop around Boutique 1. It wasn't my first time to shop at Boutique 1, but I didn't to miss their special summer sale! I liked the layout throughout the store as it was extremely spacious and easy to shop in.  And the fact that their staff aren't the "stalking" type is a major plus! I feel more comfortable shopping around the store without having someone following me around.Anyhow, these were my favorite items in store.

Green with Mulberry

Wooden wedges by Philip Lim
Ever since I saw this bunny ears inspired tulle headbands by Michel Maison on the Olsen's twins and I've been dying to try it on. So I finally did and I was thiiiiis close to buy it. I knew it will only end up in a in my "bought-but-never-worn/what-was-I-thinking" box stored in my closet. 
How cool are these beaded and friendship bracelets?!