Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No More Cash Refunds?

Recently while I was shopping at one of AlShaya stores, the sales lady handed me a brochure announcing the soon-to-be-launched AlShaya Card. And I thought "that's great! It would make a great gift idea". But then I continued reading the info printed on the brochure and it stated that this card will not only be used as a gift card but also all AlShaya stores will no longer offer cash refunds and instead the value of the refund will be loaded to this card, which according to the saleslady you need to purchase too in order to use it, with a 12 months expiry date.

How do you feel about this? Why retailers in Kuwait are iffy about cash refunds? Whereas their counterparts in the US and Europe have no issues in giving you your cash refund? Are shoppers abusing this policy which lead AlShaya to modify it? I personally liked the gift card idea, but have mixed feelings about their new cash refund policy such as the card fee and the 12 months restriction. Yes I'll still buy from my beloved high street/AlShaya stores. But maybe the 12 months expiry can be reviewed to offer flexibility to shoppers?  


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have written a post about this, like you I was recently informed by a sales assistant of the new rule. I was not happy to say the least, I have 3 small children and I often buy them an outfit or a item of clothing whilst out shopping, if they were not with me and unable to pop into the fitting rooms to try them on, well I didn't mind buying with the risk it may not fit/suit or be approved by my kids once home, because I always had the chance to return/exchange at my convenience.

I for one am not at all happy with this new rule, I see how it will be beneficial to the Alshaya stores but what about customer satisfaction?

LadyB said...

Very un wise desicion they should re consider this complicated step

Q8makupassion said...

i shop ay alshayae shops a lot BUT I HATED THIS IDEA, i wish he would reconsider it !!

Hope said...

like all of you guys, I don't like this idea either

miszbuf10 said...

I don't like the idea of the card. For myself, having two small toddlers that I have to take shopping with me, I never get to try on things before I buy them and they don't always fit when I go home, or they don't look as I had imagined so I have to return them. Also as Anonymous said sometimes me or my hubby buy clothes for the kids and they don't fit.
I see it as I spent my cash and if I don't like the product then I should get my cash back and not be forced to buy something from the same store.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the international retailers that Alshaya represent will not be too happy about this step. It is a step backwards for Kuwait if this goes ahead and I am sure that Alshaya will discover that many customers will boycott stores as a result. I only shop in stores which will give a cash refund, it is our right as a consumer.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say this i hated this decision !! first of all i thought this is a card of points then when the sales man started to explain it ! i was really disappointed :(

why they don't appreciate their customers !!

Carousel said...

I hope they don't go through with this. I love being able to get cash back on items that didn't fit.

YasmineElCharif said...

Actually, I'm not entirely sure that this is even entirely legal? Or, at least it's not beneficial for consumers. Perhaps, if customers are allowed 3 days to refund, and then if they have passed the 3 days, the card is applicable, then I would BEGIN to understand! Yet, totally deleting the notion of refuding is ridiculous! I wish I knew more about the laws protecting consumers in Kuwait.

Mademoiselle said...

i think it is silly.
everywhere in the world, you get cash refund when you pay cash and credit refund when you pay by card.
its our consumer right!
it's not like we're getting a refund and not returning to the store anymore.
plus, al shayaa are almost monopolizing all of the high street fashion/shops, so why are they so concerned about their refunds? it's not like there are much choices, their shops are relatively the best in quality/prices

al shayaa management, i do hope you read this post and take it into consideration. you have loyal customers and the majority of the Middle East market. you're winning regardless, why not keep on making your customers happy?

jo said...

alright let me tell u i like this idea mainly coz its alshaya. i can use the card at their store anytime during the year. and also they do cash refunds for faulty goods out of stock and etc etc.

also i found out we can extend validity of card by a year by topping it up. its a year more from the last top up. :)


Anonymous said...

Dear (jo) please shut up cuz noone like the shitty shaya card. The rich are being richer and i dont think this applies to the rules. I hate shaya card it basically changed and ruined our lives. We can no longer return ANYTHING and must give their shitty money back.


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