My Stay at Armani Hotel

Although I've heard more negative reviews than positive about Armani Hotel Dubai, I'm so glad I chose to stay in it during my trip to Dubai. The interior was a pure reflection of Giorgio Armani’s timeless sophistication and minimal elegance. It is the place to be if you want to be spoiled and pampered! The staff were very attentive and courteous at all times. My room was so elegant, with sliding walls on each side of the living room to reveal either the built-in closets, TV, and access my bedroom. And the best part of my room is that you get to have a remote control that not only controls the TV but also, the curtains, lights, and even the door! So if you're too lazy to open the door, all you have to do is see who's knocking by looking at your TV screen,  press the remote control button, et voila, the door opens. Here’s a quick tour of the hotel and my bedroom...

Fresh and lovely bouquet
The view from my room on the 39th floor. What a breathtaking view from the top!
View from the top
More Armani flower arrangements scattered all around the hotel's lobby
The entrance to the 39th floor... a world of minimalist elegance
Armani Spa and pool.. total peace, quiet, and tranquility 
I was amazed to see everything in the hotel was branded Armani, even the Jam! If you must know, the taste was mediocre. However the setting of the Mediterraneo restaurant overlooking the Dubai Fountain, which I tried for breakfast, was really nice.  Food was OK, nothing special.. Oh! and the same applied to their dine-in room service.
Naturally, there was a small boutique inside the hotel selling Armani accessories. This necklace got my attention and got me into trouble too! Apparently I wasn't allowed to take any photos... a little too late!
And this is a photo of the Armani Ristorante which was absolutely delicious. Everything was perfect, the food, the setting, the presentation (art!!) the service. I loved it!

The Mille-feuille Mushroom was heavenly...Yum! Just look at the presentation!


Ansam518 said…
I reviewed it last April on my previous blog... and loved it! It was amazing I dunno why the negative reviews ;-)
Anonymous said…
luv it :)
shu84 said…
wow i love that photos , nice hotel
Anonymous said…
eee tsadgeen ma adre laish kilman ma 3jiba , bes tawa refejat ekhte ray7a o wayed mde7ta. 7atta ehya nistsghreba min el negative review
Confashion said…
No way! how come I don't remember! Can you send me the link pretty please? :)

It was a lovely experience :)

Thanks :)

Well... ashwah inna my experience ma kanat negative :P