Live... from Net-a-Porter

Net-a-porter once again has added a whole new meaning to virtual shopping! Introducing Net-a-Porter Live - a new feature that lets you discover what our fellow fashionistas around the world are shopping and coveting right now. Whether they are in Australia, Kuwait or Brazil, Net-a-Porter Live gives visitors a peek into customers' browsing habits, showing what they are adding to their wish list, shopping bag or sharing with friends in real-time. Yip, as if we needed another reason to stay glued to our PCs! I'm telling you, with my fashion curiosity, I'm going to use and abuse this magical tool! I'm hooked already! Coffee anyone?


Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing the news, I'm amazed to see this new application of net-a-porter
by the way, I love your blog

: )
Yanya said…
yaaa it's great! makes u think how rich they have become lol..
Confashion said…
You're welcome :)
And thank you for loving my blog ;)

hahaha! And how innovative they are ;)