Houston, we've Got a Problem

It seems that I have been living under a rock lately. At least, that's my only conclusion for NOT noticing these STUNNINGGGG shoes by Sergio Rossi. How could I have missed them?! I've been to the brand's  boutique in Salhiya Complex several times the past season, and I don't recall seeing these exotic leather wedge heels with pink and golden straps! Something was definitely wrong with my fashion radars.  The combo is just TDF! And of course because of that, my size has already sold out! And I'm not surprised! Bummer! Check out the other options shown below, they're almost just as nice... well almost doesn't cut it... Oh well...


Euphoria said…
First one is REALLYYYYY TDF!!I want !
lamia said…
My god, they are amazing !! Loved the golden ones !!!
Confashion said…
Siiiiigh.. Luuuuve

I haven't lusted after a pair of shoes at Sergio Rossi as much as I did that day!